Stage & Vrijwilligerswerk


In het JUA rescue center kun je stage lopen op MBO en HBO niveau.

Aanmelden kan via Kenya Xperience. Nadat de directeur van JUA akkoord gaat werkt Kenya Xperience de aanmelding verder af.

Gezien de problematiek van de meisjes zijn mannen zijn helaas uitgesloten.Internships & Volunteering


JUA rescue center offers internships and volunteering opportunities. We welcome people applying for an internship who are either at an intermediate or higher vocational education.

You can get registered at Kenya Xperience. After the director agrees with your coming to JUA, Kenya Xperience takes care of the rest of your application.

Unfortunately, men are excluded from volunteering at JUA considering the matters they are dealing with.Stage & Volontariato


Nel centro di soccorso JUA è possibile fare lo stage per il livello dell’istruzione superiore professionale. Si può registrare via Kenya Xperience.

Quando il direttore di JUA da il suo accordo Kenya Xperience si occuperà del resto della traiettoria. Gli uomini sono purtroppo esclusi dati i problemi delle ragazze.