Pre-arranged marriages
Experience shows that financial dependency is one of the reasons the girls are faced with their problems. Money is a huge motivation to force a girl into a pre-arranged marriage because it ends the family’s responsibility to take care of the girl financially. The family also receives a dowry for giving her away to her future husband. The girl has no say in this matter. In Kenya arranged marriages under the age of eighteen are forbidden. Unfortunately, it still happens a lot.

Early pregnancies
Most of the girls are pregnant when they come to JUA. These pregnancies often are the result of rape and/or pre-arranged marriages. Because of their early age there is a higher chance of complications during labour.

Signals that a girl is forced into a pre-arranged marriage or was raped can come from their community (neighbours, church, school). When those signals reach the Child Protective Service, together with the police they start an investigation into the matter. In case of an arranged marriage or rape they report the incident at the police station. After that the Child Protective Service asks JUA to take care of the girl.

The Child Protective Service monitors what happens in the criminal case. Experience has shown most suspects are released on bail. After that they flee from the area.