JUA is the only rescue center in the Malindi district. Due to the great need of care for abused girls, JUA will have to expand in the future. In the past few years it has become clear that some of the girls, after following the programme, don’t have a safe place and/or family and friends to go to where they can pick up their lives again. As a consequence they can not leave JUA. This hampers the flow rate a lot.

JUA would therefore like to realize a relief center where the girls can safely stay until they are at least eighteen years old. The focus of activities in this center would be on developing their own sense of responsibility.


In future JUA would also like to start a sewing school where the girls can learn a trade. They would be taught by a JUA girl who has already finished this type of vocational education. A plot of land will have to be bought, on which a larger house and a school building can then be built.

We can not undertake these plans without the help of some sponsors who assist in a structural way and gifts that provide a steady source of money.

It is of the utmost importance that the girls become eonomically self supporting so they are able to take care of themselves and are independent. Economical dependency is a large part of the problems that not only the JUA girls face, but the girls in Kenia in general.