Nane institution: Stichting JUA Children’s Home.  (JUA Rescue Centre)

The RSIN/fiscaal number: 8277.89.334


Goal: Fundsraising tbv. het JUA Rescue Centre in Kenia (Watamu, District Malindi) een CCI (Charitable Children Institution) inschreven in de openbare registers van de Republiek Kenia

Policy: see plan (only Dutch)

Board composition: Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer
Names of the directors:
Anne-Loes Bal van Dijk | Chairman
Bianca Haring | Secretary
Patty van Houwelingen | Treasurer

Reward policy: Nobody receives a reward. All proceedings are at free will and on a voluntary base.

Report of activities: see the annual report 2011


Financial reponsibility: see the annual report 2012, chapter 4