10 girls rescued in Malindi

10 girls between the ages of 13 and 17 from Gede location, in Malindi were rescued thanks to a group of women, from Sauti ya Wanawake, a local organization who noticed that the girls had been defiled.
The women reported the incidence at the Malindi Child Protection Center; the staff at the Child Protection Center and the women immediately made arrangements to have the girls brought to the Center for further investigation.
Once at the Center, the girls were interviewed and counseled individually, to assess their situation, later they were referred to a hospital for a medical examination, treatment and age assessment. The medical examination results showed that some of the girls were pregnant. Ultra sounds were done on the pregnant girls to determine how far along the pregnancy was.
Most of the girls, 9 out of 10 did not have birth certificates therefore determining their actual age proved to be a challenge; more so because the x-ray machine at the hospital was out-of-order and since some were pregnant it would not have been appropriate to have them exposed to x-ray waves.

The cases were later referred to Watamu police station for further investigation, the girls wrote their statements and the police followed up with the cases.  The cases proceeded well and some suspects were apprehended, among them a school treasurer in the school the girls attended, “boda-boda operators from the Gede area, and some school boys.  So far three suspects have been charged and arraigned in court.  Due to the risk of intimidation and compromise of the girls by the suspects the girls were placed in Jua Rescue Center in Watamu for safe custody.